2000 DATABASES 2001-2020

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This is a massive compilation of public and private databases, includes public dbhost databases, over 100 WordPress databases and .sql dumps.
Any major database leak from 2001 to February 2020
Once unpacked, there are about 2000  databases.


What I can Get When I have This Databases?

for SEO You can use A milon Emails for target your custer  for example i  have a car shop i will and i have this databases i will search to a databases for site car and use the mail list for this site send promotion in email and get easy customer you can use phone to what’s app or sms target i will create a course for that

For cracker its a millions combo list you can use it for any configs visit openbullet.store for get HQ configs and get many hits

this site have many information can use it any war in the world you can win it when use information and this your ware get a good custmer


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  1. motaz esroje

    gooooooooooooood bro

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